Loyalty Points

Loyalty Rewards

Our all new, upgraded, rebuilt, more-awesome SDF loyalty rewards program is finally here!  

Be part of the best family ever & enjoy all the amazing benefits. Some perks include exclusive coupons, free shipping, and 52 chances for your order to be completely FREE.

We already know your pup is excited when his box of Sport Dog Food arrives - now you will too! Imagine 🎈balloons and ✨confetti falling from the sky as you and your dog tear open your next delivery and find ... the Golden Ticket.

Find the Golden Ticket in your next order, and win free food for an entire year!

Our customers are the most important aspect of Sport Dog Food.  Without you, we wouldn't be the rapidly growing company we are today.  We know you have choices when buying kibble and we appreciate you being part of our SDF family!

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