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"Dogs" Tab: We have recently added a "Dogs" tab in order for you to add your dogs to your profile. We may have special offers or opportunities in the future for you, based on your dogs' activities and breeds. It only takes a minute to fill out.

Re-organizing this portal: We have moved some things around to simplify our dashboard. We hope you like it!

What can you do in this portal?

Click the links above to review your recent orders, update your auto-ship, review and redeem your loyalty points, and more!  Need any help, you can contact us at

About your Auto-Ship Order

Click below to see the details of your auto-ship.  Simply click on the subscription you would like to update.  You can click the "edit" button to change the formulas and/or quantities.  If you'd like to simply change the next shipment date and/or frequency, use the calendar. You can also cancel your autoship here if needed.

Did you know… you can get notified by text message?

If you opt-in to our text messaging, we will send you reminder text messages a few days before we bill you for your auto-ship order. You can respond "sooner" or "later" to change your next shipment date, right via text message.  This makes autoship very easy.

You may update your billing address on your next order.

Questions about your order?

Click the tracking link below to see the latest updates or select "see receipt" to see a summary of what you ordered.

Did you know… You earn points on every order!

Did you also know you earn DOUBLE POINTS for autoship orders?  Once you've earned enough points, you can redeem points for coupons here and apply them to "one time orders." Just click "redeem points" and the coupon code will automatically be applied at checkout.  It's so easy to save money.  Stay tuned for more ways to earn points.

Want to earn more points?

You can view and redeem your loyalty points here. When you redeem your points, a coupon will be generated and the coupon code will automatically be applied at checkout.  Remember that autoship orders receive double points so you can earn your next coupon twice as fast. Note that we don't currently automatically apply your coupon to your auto-ship orders, but that is coming in the coming weeks.

Want to earn more points?

We'll be posting more information about how to earn points soon!

Your Dogs

We love learning about the dogs we are feeding.  These details will help us share important information with you that is specific to your breed.  If you already have a dog profile, click "edit" next to the name to confirm all information is up to date.  If you are new to SDF or have added a new pup to your pack, select "add a dog" and we will add this dog to your profile quickly.

What do we use this data for?

As a family run business without a massive budget for market research, listening to our customers is the most important thing we can do. When you tell us about your dogs, we'll be able to get a better sense of what types of dogs (breeds, sizes, ages) and activities are most important for us to consider. This will help us continue to get you the absolute best food we can!

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