fueled by family

Sport Dog Food is a family owned and operated business created on a family farm located along the eastern shores of Long Island, New York.
We know how much you love your dogs and that you want what is best for them, especially when it comes to balanced nutrition. After all, they are more than just a pet – they are family! When you feed your dogs like family, you’ll see them thrive and reach their maximum potential for health, energy, and performance. #fueledbyfamily

Truly Unique

It wasn’t easy to exclude common ingredients like wheat, peas, flax, poultry and white potato from our recipes, but we did it. At Sport Dog Food, your dog’s health and nutrition is our top priority – not our bottom line.

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Fresh from the source

Sport Dog Food is proudly made in the USA. We believe in the American dream and we are living proof of it. We get our ingredients from independent ranchers and farmers and all of our recipes are prepared in small batches to ensure freshness and quality.

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Made for highly active dogs

Our K-9 Series formulas have been engineered for power.  If your dog is always working, look no further.  With over 500 Kcals/cup and added glucosamine and chondroitin, your dog will have the needed endurance and strength to last all day.

K-9 Series

Keep your athlete in peak condition

Grain inclusive and consciously crafted without peas or lentils, our Active Dog Series is formulated to promote the development of strong bones and teeth, excellent muscle tone, a shiny coat, and firm consistent stools.

active series

Excellent for sensitive stomachs

Is your dog allergic or sensitive to grains? Are you looking to avoid all legumes as well? Then our Elite 2.0 Series is for you. Not only are these recipes completely free from corn, wheat, and soy, but they contain no peas or legumes either.

elite 2.0 series

We make products we are proud to feed our pack.

Family means everything to us and, like you, we know that dogs are people too. More than just pets, dogs are our friends, confidants, and ever-faithful companions. That’s why we gave our first dog a name that reflects how much he means to us – we named him Brother. That might explain why we’re so committed to the highest standard of quality.

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Super Sport inside

Our unique proprietary blend of micro nutrients is specifically designed to promote healthier more active animals, naturally. Each ingredient has been specifically designed to naturally promote healthier, more active dogs.

Positively loyal to our pack

We'll never claim to be someone we're not. We all know there’s no such thing as a perfect dog food, that's why chose to create balanced diets specifically for highly active dogs. This way we can stay focused and ensure all of our recipes meet and exceed your dog needs to achieve his maximum potential.