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D. Lugo

Satisfied customer for over two years of their great product and service.

N. Grimm

I am an AKC Obedience judge and have trained, shown and titled Weimaraners in Breed, Obedience and Agility for the last 20 years. Our most recent accomplishments have come on the diving dock and pool. My girl, Gimlet is currently the #1 dock diving Weimaraner in the U. S. and has held the title for the last 4 years. I also have a younger male just starting his diving career. I recently switched to the SportDog Active Dock Dog food and am still transitioning from Earthborn Holistic over to it. So far it seems to be working great for my dogs.

C. Mendoza

Sport Dog Food is the best quality food we've ever fed our pup! After switching her food to help with skin-related health problems, her coat is so shiny and she's always excited for meal time!

J. Spano

Jax has been healthier and more active since we switched to Sportdog. We use the 30/20 mix and it keeps his coat looking regal.

M. Letts

Sort Dog Food has the most wonderful customer service and my Chessie just loves the food .

J. Stedillie

The breeder we went through uses this dog food, so we of course bought some to keep his diet the same.

K. Koenig

Mischka and I learned agility together, beginning when he was a puppy. Huskies are very independent thinkers, and we worked very hard together to become a team. Mischka has tons of energy and loves to zoom around the agility field!

A. Farris

This brand of dog food has given my GSD bountiful energy, a beautiful shiny coat, and is helping her fill out. She has been very picky about dry dog food since she was a young puppy.. She enjoys the taste of all the Sport Dog Food formulas we have bought so far, so no more coaxing her to eat her meals! High quality food with a hard-working company behind it. Thanks

M. Karp

Breeze also known as Holly Hill Tempest, is a dog that I bred and I train in agility. Jerry is grand champion Homespun Holly Hill Touch of Grey. Both of them eat your buffalo herding blend and do very well on the food

S. Belair

We got the sport dog food for our sheltie and now the rest of our dogs insist on it and it's also helping with the oldest skin problems

L. Nied

Meru loves his Sport Dog Food.

A. Lyons

My dog loves this food. I have been searching for the last 8 months and nothing really suited her. The Tracking Formula is great for training too.

N. Jacobs

While looking for a cardio-healthy, sport/performance, and Doberman approved food, I spent 3 months evaluating different brands, formulas, and diets. With working in the veterinary field, being a breeder, and owning several working dogs, it was challenging to find a food that met all of my expectations and was formulated correctly for my Dobermans. When I found Sport Dog Food, I was skeptical at first because the quality and that it checked off my boxes. I contacted customer support to discuss their food and was very impressed with the professionalism and how they handled my many questions. We transitioned our four adult Dobermans to this food while starting a new litter on the "Cub" formula at 3.5 weeks of age. I have seen the biggest impact with the puppies when compared to previous litters we have raised from the same parents, but on a different diet. Our current puppies are larger with more fat stores (impressive for the high-metabolism of Dobermans who are notorious for being thin as puppies), have a stronger appetite and more energy, and appear to be developing quicker across the board (mentally, physically, and emotionally). Overall, I am very impressed. But, I am also relieved that I found a food that I fully feel confident recommending to their new owners. Our adult dogs have enjoyed the food for the past month and I have been pleased with the results, but I am mainly satisfied with the fact that I do not have to worry about issues found in the types of foods we were feeding previously. I am looking forward to seeing how the food impacts their performance over a long period of time. I am drawn to companies who keep their production local (in the USA) and this was one of the big pushes I had for trying this product initially. Overall, I am very satisfied with the company, product, and service.

R. Greve

Just switched from Raw to Sport dog. So far he loves it!

T. Feist

Leo was having some dry flaky skin issues. We switched to the All Life Stages Cub. He has only been it for about 3 weeks and we are starting to see an improvement!

A. Padilla

We have been very happy with the bird dog formula. All of our dogs love it and their coats have improved also. It’s awesome to be able to have one food for all of them.

A. Schellinger

Purchsed our first bag and so far we love it just wish the kibble was larger in shape

K. Levinter

My dogs absolutely love this food and it has helped greatly with both of their digestion!!

C. Loyd

I have done so much research on my dogs food and I am confident that I have made the right choice. My 2 Labradors have been on Sportdog for about 2 years now. Great food and great customer service.

D. Bell

New puppy loves her new food

D. Meline

We love Sport Dog Food!

A. Smart

Abby loves SportDog Food. She is joyful and healthy and full of energy.

B. Anson

Tucker has been eating Sport Dog food for about 6 months. He needs a high quality food to keep up with his activities.

D. Knepper

Adler loves Sport Dog food!!

B. Harvey

My girl struggles with horrible food allergies, being SUPER picky and being a difficult dog to keep weight on as she is very active in every day life and many sports. She was only ever able to successfully eat and do well on one food and one protein. when I saw the awesome ingredients and quality of your food it looked like something that might work for her allergies and nutritional needs. Now it just had to pass the test of her actually liking the taste which is hardest one. She LOVES it. The second we brought the box in the house she was sniffing at it and all 3 other dogs swarmed around as well. So far she’s thriving on the food and we are so happy I’m thinking about switching my other 3 dogs to it as well. Look forward to trying more formulas soon.